Monday, February 16, 2015

The Path: Elusive but Omnipresent

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence. 

Henry David Thoreau

I've had a calling on my life from an early age. In my twenties, I was able to put words to it, "Be an advocate for children." Since then, I've followed that calling in a variety of ways, some less gracefully than others. All of these ways of these paths have had their pratfalls and dead-ends but I keep on "faith-ing" my way forward.

Now, and quite unexpectedly, I'm on a path wide and bright  which I can follow for some time. If you had to hang a sign over the fork in the road which I crossed last August, that sign would read, "Special Ed."

I am home here in the world of Special Ed, and especially in the world of autism. I love the 5 beautiful boys and our one girl who fill my work days. I love the intricacies of working with these amazing kids. I love the intimacy of the small class and my team and teacher . . . they are an inspiration to me every day.

It's challenging work, don't misunderstand. Every day there is some new mystery -- usually in the form of undesirable behavior -- that we have to unravel.  It is very challenging and yet, it is all joy, too. That sparkling moment when the light bulb goes off and someone does something completely amazing, it's rapture, pure bliss.

My greatest joy in life has been being a mother. That last paragraph completely applies to parenthood too, right? And this, this world of autism and Special Ed, it is a very close second. 

I have said all this to say, simply, it's never too late. If we are faithful, God (or Life or "Thou", if you prefer) is faithful. If we keep following our path, "however narrow and crooked" and if we walk it with "love and reverence," it does lead where we want (and perhaps need) to go.

 Take courage, pilgrim, and take up your staff and walk.  Happy trails.

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