Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mixed Blessings. . .

I grew up in a household of cliche-speakers. Phrases such as, "make hay while the sun shines," and "no use crying over spilt milk" were common fodder of everyday conversation. Unconsciously these sayings and beliefs became a part of my vernacular.

The other day, I heard myself say, "It's a mixed blessing." Hold the phone! What is a mixed blessing, anyway?

Some people would say a mixed blessing is something that has it's good and bad points. Which, one could argue, is true of almost anything. But when we say something is a "mixed blessing," what are we really saying?

Basically, we're saying no. No thank you, no I won't have any, no, no, no! Because a blessing is a blessing. And a mixed blessing is one to which we are saying "no."

I like the theory that every gift of life is a blessing, even the ones we don't like at first. Even the ones that are hard. Maybe especially the ones that are hard. And that our challenge as humans is to see that the so-called-mixed-blessings are our refining fire. If I am willing to walk through that fire, then what emerges with me at the other side is pure gold; pure blessing, if you will!


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