Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Nature of Fire

The nature of fire is such that everything foreign to it destroys it and everything akin to it gives it further strength. The light of the spirit reacts in the same manner.
The Art of Prayer

It is an extraordinary thing to ask oneself:  Is this something - an activity, an action, an input - giving light to my spirit, or is it something that dampens it?  Is this friend, this music, this book, this relationship, this job, this act, this though process giving or taking life?  And if it is life taking, what the heck am I doing here?  This is a question I do not ask myself frequently enough.  Too often, I mindlessly engage in activities that quench my spirit, dampen my faith and suck the life out of me.

I am not talking about debauchery here.  No.  I am speaking about the simple life-sucking, insidiousness that wends its way surreptitiously into my world.  For example, in the evening when "the Littles" are finally abed, I put my feet up and watch T.V. without really wondering how the program is benefitting me.  Is it "feeding" me?  Likewise when I choose to eat something that I know does not support my long-term health.  Oh and let's not foget the odd acquaintence who is given to salaciousness; why do I return his calls?  

I am not suggesting that life is all about work and that watching TV or chatting with friends does not have a place in my life.  I think moments of relaxation and levity are absolutely essential.  I am simply observing that so often these are not mindful choices and --let's face it -- there are only 24 hours in each day.  Mindfulness is the key to making sure there is room and time in my life for true friends, for optimum health, for important work and for authentic joy. 

That which is "foreign" to the spirit destroys is and that which is "akin" to it "gives it light."  Something to ponder.

(Here is a link to a subsequent post on the nature of fire.)

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monica said...

WOW! I soo needed this today...especially the first paragraph! Thank you for sharing you. I'm inspired.