Monday, December 29, 2008

God on speed-dial

Last night, I drifted off to sleep thinking about my new year's resolutions. I dreamt that I was talking on my cell phone to one of my spiritual advisers. I have often called upon him when I am in a spiritual quandary, but I haven't spoken to him in months. Further, I've never been on the phone in a dream before! In my dreams, I am always speaking to people in person. Why I was on the phone?

Perhaps, in my dream, this adviser symbolizes God; After all, one of my youngsters called him "God" for a year when she learned to talk. The phone's role was to speak to God and then to tell me what to do. I pondered my need for an intermediary to speak to God.

I suddenly remembered several events in my life in which I'd used an intermediary. It was usually because I thought the other person wouldn't like what I had to say, or -- more truthfully and more often -- because I wouldn't like what they had to say. I wondered what it was that God had to say to me that I was not wanting to hear. I remembered, in a flash, Father Joel saying recently, "Be assured; God is speaking to you in the events of your life."

So I asked-- in a solitary, soapy moment at the car wash -- "What are my new year's resolutions?"
And then I looked at the events of my life and discerned what is being said. The answer was plain. No static.

  • Stop resisting.
  • Live masterfully.
  • Embrace your life (and all within it).
  • Be a peacemaker.
  • Lean in.

It's pretty simple stuff, isn't it?
t rings.

Stay tuned!

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